Why You Should Listen Moonbyul’s (문별) “Worthless” Live and BKU’s Cover…

Simply because both of them sound great…👍

Love their voices…❤️

And I wish BKU Good Luck for the upcoming Changwon K pop World Festival 2018 🍀🍀🍀


Are You a K pop Fan Too? 창원 K팝 월드 페스티벌을 기다리고 있어요?

If you are, I bet you are much more enthusiastic about the upcoming Changwon K-pop World Festival as me. When I was browsing through the Online Preliminary Round videos, I sadly noticed that a lot of contestants have chosen the same set of songs, even though there are much more diverse styles of songs exist in K-pop to choose from.

Among those found this one is really refreshing. It is a cover of 구차해 (Worthless) by 문별 (Moonbyul) of 마마무 (Mamamoo)–one of my personal favorites 🙂 She has an outstanding voice and a unique style. It is a pleasure to listen.
Good Luck BKU!

목소리가 점 멋지다! 노래를 정말 잘해요.


I See Me

A blank stare
At the mobile:
Empty Inbox.
No Calls, either incoming or outgoing.

So a quick browse Through the Gallery:
Full of (narcissistic single selfies) images.
I smile at their smiling happy faces…

The Sari—for every Sri Lankan “Professional Women”


The Sari or the Osariya which drapes using a six yard of cloth is considered to be the national costume of Sri Lankan women. Sri Lankan men desire to see their loved women in a sari, the society insist women to wear it and above all most of the women die to wear it.

Technically, the sari is a very long cloth intended to wrap the body thoroughly but unfortunately, it does not help cover the midriff or the bosom of a woman. I wonder whether it is a problem of the dress or how one wears it… The most attractive and tempting element of a sari is its jacket which does not even stand up to its meaning—it helps reveal as much as possible from the back and an ample amount from the cleavage which is definitely eye candy for many people. Some proud sari wearers add few accessories to enhance the quality of their dress. A pair of fetishistic stiletto becomes necessary: it lifts up everything possible in one’s body and raises up the classiness of the glamour walk. So by now the sari is not just our national costume but a legitimate A grade dress of exhibiting as one of my good friends observes.

This nice dress is the official or the “Professional Dress” for women in many institutions of Sri Lanka while Sri Lankan men wear the full European tailored suite as their professional attire. I wonder why what happens to the glory of nationalism when only women wear the national costume. Therefore there should be proper arrangement from the authorities to encourage men to wear a sarong and a Kurtha Kames to become true Sri Lankan Professional men. At the end of the day Sri Lanka will reach its ulterior goal of professionalism through a very nationalistic approach in a way which a lot of patriots can be proud of. =)

Observe and Ask from Your Heart

Recently me and my best buddy came across these videos in some news sites and we were shocked!

The era of collecting “polls” and “Likes” has forgotten the basic ‘human values’. Observe and ask from Your heart that was there a ‘Human’ behind the lenses which captured these videos. Think!!!  And Do Not Stop, Speak out your good heart. Lend a helping hand! 

Dawn and Twilight

  A Rosy Dawn                                                                                Serene Twilight

Rosy Dawn                               Twilight